Post #1 – Here We Are! – 23 Jun, 2010 – 09h18 (GMT-3)

As this is our first post on this blog, we would like to tell you guys a little bit more about how was the process of getting the Sequoyah project done for Helios.

From the very beginning, we wanted to create a project focused on the needs of all mobile developers that would serve as container for all mobile development tools for any platform. We have begun with inherited components from TmL project: the Device Framework, the VNC Client and Protocol and the Localization Framework. Later we also added some components from MTJ and became the “house” of the Pulsar project.

In the process of “constructing” this new project, we had to adapt it (and even ourselves) to the bigger process already running: the Eclipse Simultaneous Release Train. In order to comply with all the necessary requirements and become one of the mature and successful Eclipse projects, we had a series of challenges to overcome… and very little knowledge of them! 😯 We had to learn and execute new tasks on the fly. And let’s say, it was a very good experience! πŸ˜€

We had the fortune to count on the expertise, promptness and patience of a lot of people, both from the Eclipse Foundation and from other projects, who would willingly stop and help us doing things in the right, Eclipse way. πŸ™‚

As we have already said on the acknowledgements: THANK YOU!

(Posted by Daniel Pastore)


About sequoyahproject

I'm a newly graduated project from Eclipse Foundation, targeted at mobile devices development.
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