Post #4 – About Devices – 23 Jun, 2010 – 14h03 (GMT-3)

In this post we would like to introduce you the Device Framework component.

The Device Framework component is responsible for providing an extensible platform to support mobile devices and their aggregate services.

Sequoyah seeks to define an extensible framework for a real device or emulator. The design goal is to keep the device generic enough to accommodate implementations using different technologies like: virtualization servers, operating system, communication protocols and others. The framework shall provide for ways to:

  • Support different launching parameters and configurations
  • Infrastructure for Eclipse control components to communicate with devices executing in the real or emulated context
  • Provide Properties pages to define device configurations and arguments, including arguments to be passed on to the device system
  • Support launching of and connection to remote devices
  • The figure above shows the relevant components for the integration of an emulator into Eclipse. The device or emulator type corresponds to the emulator type; the states and operations describe the state machine whereby the user controls the emulator from the Eclipse workbench; the service definitions link the operations (or services) to the device/emulator type; and the wizard is used to create instances of a given device or emulator type.

    For more information, click here.

    (Posted by Marcel Gorri)


    About sequoyahproject

    I'm a newly graduated project from Eclipse Foundation, targeted at mobile devices development.
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