Post #10 – Sequoyah Demo Available @ – 05 Jul, 2010 – 11h30 (GMT-3)

Along with Helios release, some projects are publishing live demos showing their new features available. And Sequoyah is one of those projects. We have prepared an 8 minute video demonstrating the main Sequoyah features available in Helios release, such as Device Framework, Localization Framework, VNC Protocol and Viewer and SDK Discovery.

Check this link to see a brief overview of our main components. This is a great opportunity to get ready to start developing using Sequoyah! As always, any comments and suggestions are welcome. 8)

(Posted by Marcel Gorri)


About sequoyahproject

I'm a newly graduated project from Eclipse Foundation, targeted at mobile devices development.
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One Response to Post #10 – Sequoyah Demo Available @ – 05 Jul, 2010 – 11h30 (GMT-3)

  1. TicTankToe says:

    Hello Marcel,
    the Sequoyah Localization tool is powerful and I really like to use it in my projects. I have some questions for you:
    1) I’m not able to automatic translate my columns when using the classical procedure because it seems I lack of a translation service. I’ve also posted on Stackoverflow ( without answers. I’ve also find out other guys with my same issue (; Could you please help us?
    2) Recently, Google Translation APIs became pay (). Did Sequoyah use them? How’s for the future?

    Thank you for your kind support!


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