Post #12 – Simultaneously running – 19 Aug, 2010 – 13h04 (GMT-3)

Joining an ongoing simultaneous release is something you won’t forget: lots of things to check, lots of things to make compliant, lots of milestones coming up, lots of things to check again for the next milestone… yeah, it’s a bit of a hush, hehehe! But it is a nice, warm feeling when you see things on schedule and even more when the release train ends and your project is there, with all other projects that were steps ahead of you! 🙂

This happened for Sequoyah from the last months of 2009 to this June, when Sequoyah was adapting from being an incubation project and developing to maturity, to be released together with Eclipse Helios. I am saying most of this for myself, but I don’t think it was much different for my teammates. The hush and the warm feeling are the same!

Now, for Indigo release train, we are in a much more comfortable position, since we are already compliant with lots of those items, and we know a little bit more on how the process works (even though we still come with some newbie questions sometimes, as the guys on cross-project-dev mailing list would easily confirm, hehe). But for this release we already know when we should make our builds available for the aggregator, when will the packages come for us to test, which bugs to merge for the next build, and things like that.

This was actually the reason I started to write this post:
we have joined the Eclipse Indigo Simultaneous Release Train!

As of today, we have our 1.1.0.I20100816-0145 Sequoyah build available for the Indigo aggregator to build the composite repository for the first milestone. We have also made available a new build of the Pulsar plugins, namely 1.1.1.I20100816-0515.

Things will probably change a lot before the RC weeks come next year, but it’s now a much more fun work to do, knowing a little bit of what to expect! I’ll try to share some more of my experience in the weeks to come. If it is not useful for you, maybe you just laugh a little, and that’s fine too! See you around!

(posted by Daniel Pastore)


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I'm a newly graduated project from Eclipse Foundation, targeted at mobile devices development.
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