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Post #16 – Google Summer of Code 2011 – 6 April, 2011 – 11h00 (GMT-3)

We have added a proposal to the GSoC 2011 program: Add multi-language support to Eclipse plugin projects. With this proposal, we want to make our Localization Framework Editor capable of understanding Eclipse projects, so that it can be used by … Continue reading

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Post #15 – Sequoyah has moved to Tools project – 18 Mar, 2011 – 13h00 (GMT-3)

As part of the DSDP Restructuring process, Sequoyah has moved to Tools project. Hence, the following items have been affected and updated: SVN repository, Bugzilla, IPLogs and web resources in general (download pages, web site, wiki page, blog). Those changes … Continue reading

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Post #12 – Simultaneously running – 19 Aug, 2010 – 13h04 (GMT-3)

Joining an ongoing simultaneous release is something you won’t forget: lots of things to check, lots of things to make compliant, lots of milestones coming up, lots of things to check again for the next milestone… yeah, it’s a bit … Continue reading

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