Post #11 – More than Strings – 28 Jul, 2010 – 10h00 (GMT-3)

Software localization is the process of converting or preparing a computer program to be suited for a particular region. Localization can sometimes be simply a matter of language translation, but it can also prove to be a much more complex process when it comes to issues such as formatting, currency, date and time, sorting patterns, imperial versus metric standards and so on.

Since Sequoyah already provides a localization framework for strings, and with the goal of providing a more complete and easy to use framework, Sequoyah now intends to deal with other localizable resources besides strings.

In this document we have a proposal of such effort, where we list some user stories describing how we intend to extend the current framework to deal with images, sounds and video in a first moment. In a later moment, the framework will also be capable of treating even other localizable resources, such as formatting, currency, date and time.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this proposal, please contact us through our mailing list.

(Posted by Marcel Gorri)


About sequoyahproject

I'm a newly graduated project from Eclipse Foundation, targeted at mobile devices development.
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