Post #13 – Helios SR1 Fresh Out of the Oven – 24 Sep, 2010 – 16h30 (GMT-3)

Helios SR1 has just been released. Every project part of the Simultaneous Release Train can provide updates in the SR1 release, and Sequoyah did so with version 1.0.1.

In this release you can find fixes for minor bugs in Sequoyah (since it is a service release). You can check the list of bugs fixed in this release with this search.

You can either download 3.6.1 flavors here (SR1 provides also an updated Pulsar package) or update to Helios SR1 from within Eclipse using Help->Check for Updates.

Give it a try and send us feedback, comments or suggestions in our mailing list!

Now let’s go to Helios SR2 and Indigo!

(Posted by Marcel Gorri)


About sequoyahproject

I'm a newly graduated project from Eclipse Foundation, targeted at mobile devices development.
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